Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

With Shelton’s high quality PDR processes, you don’t have to settle for a damaged car, file a complicated insurance claim, or pay high costs out of pocket to get it fixed. We are specialists in cosmetic car repair. Most of the time, you can have your vehicle back in a day—for much less than you’d pay for traditional, comprehensive car collision repair.

PDR lets you retain the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, fixing those common bumps and bruises from everyday use or hail damage. As experts in state of the art auto paint and repair, we can accurately assess when a vehicle needs PDR. When you need more than that, our customer service staff will guide you towards the best choice for you.

Learn More About PDR

If you’ve never had any PDR work done on your car, perhaps after a hail storm, here are a few guidelines to help you understand the process. For any further questions, our certified technicians are at your disposal!

The most important aspect of paintless dent repair is not the diameter but the depth. Often, very large, shallow dents can be removed and require minimal auto body work.

Most dings and dents can be made to look “better”. However, there are some problem repairs that require more traditional car body repair. Here is a list of some problem areas:
  • Deep Dents – On very deep dings and dents, the metal is often pushed too deep for a complete repair.
  • Dents Near the Edge of Panels – Dents found near the edge of body panels or right on a seam make access impossible.
  • Dings and Dents with Deep Creases – Usually, only a skilled dent repair technician can repair creased dents, depending on the severity of the crease. In many cases a 100% repair is not possible.

Percentages of possible repairs will depend on the severity as well as placement of the dent. But generally speaking, 80 – 90% of the minor dings and dents found on a vehicle are repairable.

Most of the dents with braces underneath or behind them can be accessed and removed.. An old school way is to cut the metal loose from the adhesive. But that changes the integrity of the panel and an area where you can’t get glue back between the panel and the brace.

Our way of removing these dents is to use new technology and techniques such as glue pull tabs to remove the dent from the exterior side rather than relying on getting to the backside of the panel. This leaves the factory adhesives intact, adhesives put there for a reason.

No! With the advancements of acrylic urethane paints used today, automotive paint is much more durable and elastic. Therefore, the technicians at our Derby auto body shop are able to “unbend” it back into its original shape without harm.

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