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Paintless Dent Repair

Paint Repair Inspection

Little things can make a big difference.

With Shelton's paintless dent process, you don't have to live with the damage, file an insurance claim or pay high costs out of pocket to get it fixed. We are specialists in cosmetic car repair. Most of the time, you can have your vehicle back in a day—for much less than you'd pay for a traditional collision repair.

Our paintless dent process is the easy way to keep up appearances on your vehicle; fixing the bumps and bruises from life on the road in about a day, at prices you can afford, from a name you know and trust Shelton Collision Repair.

PDR Questions: (Click a question to see the answer)

1. How large of a dent can be repaired with PDR?

The most important aspect of paintless dent repair is not the diameter but the depth. Often, very large, shallow dents can be removed.

2. What dings & dents can't be repaired?

Most dings and dents can be made to look "better". However, there are some problem repairs. Here is a list of some problem areas:

  • Deep Dents - On very deep dings and dents, the metal is often pushed too deep for a complete repair.
  • Dents Near the Edge of Panels - Dents found near the edge of body panels or right on a seam make access impossible.
  • Dings and Dents with Deep Creases - Usually, only a skilled dent repair technician can repair creased dents, depending on the severity of the crease. In many cases a 100% repair is not possible.

3. What % of dings & dents are repairable?

Percentages of possible repairs will depend on the dent technician's level of skill and experience. But generally speaking, 80 – 90% of the minor dings and dents found on a vehicle are repairable.

4. What about dings & dents under the braces?

Most of the dents found under braces can be accessed and removed. First, the adhesive between the brace and the metal must be cut loose. To do this, a thin putty knife is slid between the adhesive and the metal. Once the adhesive is removed, a thin hand tool can be used to repair the dent.

5. Will PDR damage the vehicle's existing painted surface?

No! With the advancement in acrylic urethane paints used today, the paint is much more durable and elastic, and therefore able to "unbend" back into its original shape without harm.